Niu give-away

Niu give-away on Friday, November 19 @ UH West Oahu (9:00 am until pau)Here is a special event to spark the Niu NOW! movement and to continue and deepen our relationship with the coconut. Come and collect a healthy niu seedling we have been nurturing in our Niu Nursery. We have 300+ to give away so please consider calling friends and considering planting them with the philosophy of the “4 Ps” – Pono Palm in the Pono Place. Itʻs exciting to consider that we have at our own fingertips the capacity to create an enduring cultural agroforestry movement so we can secure our own Food Security (!) Even if you do not have a backyard, look around and see where a beloved niu CAN be safely planted to live a long and beautiful life of abundance.

 Niu give-away on Friday, November 19 @ UH West Oahu