How Our Webinar Series Got Started!

It all started with cooking fried bread, eating, and talking about the next-steps for NiU NOW! Chelsie Onaga from Maʻo Organic Farms suggested we start a NiU NOW! webinar series. We thought it was a great idea and Chelsie had the skills and experience to get us started! We are grateful to Maʻo Farms for sponsoring Chelsie to organize our webinar series.

L-R. Chelsie Onaga, Ngahiraka Mason, Indrajit Gunasekara, Kaui Sana, Lynn Batten. Photo by Manulani Aluli Meyer.

Manulani Aluli Meyer designed all our Webinar Poster and coordinated with guest presenters, and Chelsie Onaga to prepare, organize and deliver the webinar series.

Promotional poster designed by Manulani Aluli Meyer